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Travel to the heart of Andalusia, land of sun, hospitality, and of stories. Arab-Andalusian patios, flowery and enchanting palaces, thousands of oranges in hanging gardens of Alhambra.


Follow your guide into the discovery of the secretes and legends of this unique region.



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Guides speaking perfect English

Tours in small groups, interactive atmosphere

Not touristic but highly reflected upon content

Hidden stories and secret  legends

Customized and thematized circuit

Useful tips on hotels that suit clients's wishes



Starkiero Tours organizes tours and semi-escorted circuits in Andalusia, South Spain. Our Andalusia circuits are for individuals as well as for groups and can be customized to our customers' wishes and demands.


Full of passion for Andalusia and its rich history, we will try to make you experience great historical moments in Andalusia (Christopher Columbus and discovery of America, the tolerance of the diverse civilisations that gave birth to a unique architecture...) whichever the circuit and tour you choose. With us, you will travel through times and places, taste local dishes, always in a pleasant and interactive atmosphere. Hotels in Andalusia that we recommend are always selected with great care for their hospitality, charm, cleanliness, and comfort.


Join us in a unique experience in Andalusia!







Discover our guided walking tours in Seville and in Cordoba in details. Our guided tours in Seville and in Cordoba are opportunities to immerse yourself in a world hadly accessible with a book guide only.


Our guides like to share, tell about and “revive” lost worlds such as intriguing and fabulous kingdom of Cordoba, hidden stories of Queen Isabelle the Catholic or the lives of the Jews in Spain in the Middle Ages. Princes and princesses, cruel kings and leaders caring for their people are the content of our guided tours Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

Learn (more) about Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada? Click here to find out!

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Mosque Cordoba

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